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Environmental Solutions

Advocacy and Influencers

At IPRS, we are engaged in research and development of innovative products and services.  We celebrate innovation and innovators and advocate for systems that support the inventive process.   It is in working with hundreds of inventors and inventions that we have come to appreciate the hurdles that must be overcome in gaining acceptance and application of anything that is novel or unfamiliar whether that be a new product, a new procedure or a new way of looking at things.  There is an inherent inertia on the part of organizations, as well as individuals, to maintain the status quo even when there are obvious deficiencies in “the way things have always been done.”  At the corporate or government agency level there are also often strong forces at work to preserve the current system.  To overcome hurdles to adoption of new technology, having strong advocates is of critical importance.  Whether the advocates are formal groups, media spokespersons, or well connected individuals, they all play an important role.

One example of the hurdles of implementing new technology is provided by Dr. Kim's story as presented in Inventor's Highlight. In this case the "power" to persuade was provided by a large corporation, a substantial R&D budget and trained personnel.  Being connected to the influential technical society (Society of Automotive Engineers) also helped.  After leaving the umbrella of the corporate world, the push to adopt his technology was substantially reduced.

At present, we are seeking relationships with organizations and individuals who can help provide the "power" to overcome the inertia of  doing things the same familiar ways.  Following is a list of organizations that are engaged in similar challenges, pushing for programs that will be more planet earth friendly, more energy conserving, provide more healthy outcomes, and be sustainable for generations to come.

Advocacy Groups for Low Polluting Transportation
(A Partial  List)

The Coalition for Clean Air is based in California where 19,000 premature deaths related to air pollution occur in California every year. Due to efforts of CCA  along with those of California Climate Equity Coalition partners at  The Greenlining InstituteAsian Pacific Environmental NetworkPublic Advocates and SCOPE LA and many other advocates, hundreds of millions of dollars in emissions-reducing programs flow to disadvantaged communities.  See more details on their website:  CCA has offices in Los Angeles (213) 223-6860 and Sacramento at 1107 9th Street, Suite 630, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916)-527-8048.

BreatheLife Network" ) is a coalition of public health and climate change expertise providing guidance on implementing solutions to air pollution in support of global development goals.  Its major supporters include World Health Organization, Climate & Clean Air Coalition, United Nations (UN) Environment and The World Bank.

The Climate & Clean Air Coalition, hosted by UN Environment, is a collaborative global effort working towards protecting our climate and reducing air pollution to create a sustainable future for all.  See the following link:

AECC (Association for Emissions Control by Catalysts).  This is a European-based organization that admits the diesel engine is still an emitter of harmful emissions but is getting better.  Website outlines some of the continuing health problems associated with transport vehicles.  See “Air quality and health effects” at:

Sierra Club -    Help protect wildlife and wild places, ensure clean air and water for all, and fight for environmental justice.

Greenpeace - https:/  Involved in fighting plastic pollution, promoting climate leadership, and environmental justice, among other things.  It is a global network of independent campaigning organizations.

Save the oceans groups:
    Oceana -
    Ocean Conservancy -
    Ocean Stewardship Council, et al.

Plastics Reduction groups - NRDC ( - National Resources Defense Council (NYC)

Moms Clean Air Force - Their focus is on air pollution, climate change and toxic chemicals.  Contact: c/o Environmental Defense Fund, 257 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010 See also:


American Petroleum Institute (API) - Mike Sommers, Pres.

Gas Processors Association (GPA) - chapters throughout the world.

GPA Midstream Houston -

GPA Midstream -

Alliance for Automotive Innovation - Pres. John Bozzella, formed as a merger between:
Association of Global Automakers and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

 MEMA - Motor & Equipment manufacturers Association -

 European Automobile manufacturers' Association (ACEA) -

Others - tbd

Professional organizations

    SAE International- Society of Automotive Engineers - Developer of Safety and Performance standards among other things.

    IEEE - Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

    SME - Society of Manufacturing Engineers

    Common Ground Research Networks - 60 Hazelwood Dr.,  Champaign, IL
    On Sustainbility; Technology, Knowledge & Society; Climate Change: Impacts and Responses; and other groups of scholars, researchers and practitioners.


Regulatory and Standards Settings organizations

    ASTM - American Standards Testing and Measurements

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration within the US Office of Secretary of Transportation, sets and enforces CAFE standards (Corporate Average Fuel Economy).

    Society of Automotive Engineers - SAE

    Automotive Testing and Certification Organizations -  list available

   National Bureau of Standards - National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) - involved in electric grid performance and energy reduction in homes.

Academic Leaders - Academic Publications

    Economists - Holland, Mansur et al from UNC, NC State,  VT, et al. (see Am. Econ. Rev. excerpt HERE)

    NC State - Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering Dept. (Key contacts)

    MIT - Dept. of Mechanical Engineering et al.

    Ohio State - Chemical Engineering


Trade Publications and Media Leaders specializing in  the Transportation Industry

    Car & Driver - Editors/Writers
    Motor Trends  -

    Motor Magazine - Hearst Business Publishing, Troy, Michigan
    The Shop - National Business Media, Broomfield, CO  303 469-0424 - automotive services
    United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) 

Business Directed Publications - see section Editors - Climate, Technology, Innovations

    New York Times
    Wall Street Journal
    Business Week

   Your help in adding the names of other advocacy groups and contacts would be appreciated.  Send an email to:

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