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Innovative Products Research & Services, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) non profit organization based in Massachusetts
                          Putting Creativity to Good Use


 * We provide training in creative problem solving and enhancing the culture of innovation

We can help organization leaders think outside the box with easy-to-implement tools to establish a culture of innovation directed toward more effectively meeting human needs. 

 * We are developing mathematical models and simulation tools

By representing complex systems using mathematical models and computer simulations we expect to contribute to the education and training of health care professionals and researchers. This comes under the IPRS Health Care Initiative and the Magnesium Project. Volunteers are sought who might assist in this project.

 * We provide Health Care Education

We have developed tutorials for persons at risk for prostate cancer and given presentations to groups. We are also developing tools for women at risk for developing pre-eclampsia or eclampsia in pregnancy to assess their nutritional requirements to lower risks to themselves and their infant.  We also provide materials and workshops on nutrition for expectant mothers to help assure health mothers and healthy babies, especially for those women with limited access to high quality medical care.

 * Publications and Presentations

See our list of publications and presentations. 

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