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IPRS Software Development

   Software Projects

 * Apply software engineering/computer science skills for new program development.
    - Help integrate website forms with databases
    - Develop medical diagnostics using CLIPS expert system shell
    - Develop medical decision guides for consumers with cancer
    - Develop a flexible search routine that can be embedded in our website
    - Develop an animation program to demonstrate feedback control loops
    - Develop programs to solve series of Partial Differential Equations representing
         interacting ions in body fluids (non-linear system).
    - Develop multiple smart phone apps for nutrition using SQLlite, PHP, Python, et al.

* Develop forms and templates

* Develop tools for software development, SDKs

* Develop test cases

* Cross Platform testing and modifications

Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, et al.
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Languages: HTML, Javascript, Python, PHP, et al.

* Help set up a page for blogs. code sharing, etc.

* Participate in Forums / Blogs / Collaborations

* Help set up collaboration site with BitBucket, Github, and/or IPRS-Developer


Note: Development work is done mostly on site using dedicated servers that are accessed through phpAdmin on a Windows-based .NET framework.

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Note that many of the projects of IPRS are proprietary and all rights are reserved in the works produced whether by volunteers or employees in anticipation of future monetization that will support the on-going mission of IPRS.  Regarding patentable matter, volunteers agree to assign any  rights in developed inventions to IPRS.