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It is our mission to conduct and encourage research to increase our understanding of the role of magnesium and other minerals in health and disease, to develop the tools to monitor magnesium, to educate people about the importance of having adequate levels of  magnesium and to advocate for additional research and adoption of standards and best practices so as to more effectively prevent and/or treat various magnesium-related diseases on a global scale.

There are a number of ways you can participate.

  • Participate in the Research - we have worked with a number of universities overseeing student projects.
  • Conduct research projects of your own or in collaboration - we can suggest a number of post-graduate theses projects.
  • Volunteer to help gather and present information to various groups, draft white papers, etc.
  • Work to enhance our web presence - see volunteer opportunities page.
  • Help with grant proposals and fund raising.
  • Provide us with links to new research findings as they become available to enhance our databases.
  • Donate directly to a program - see Donor opportunities page.
  • Please join us in these efforts by completing your profile of interests below.  

    If you would like to become a sponsor on our web site, or if you would like to support a particular project or program, contact our President to discuss the details. We have an informal network of scientists, engineers, inventors, educators and researchers who are available to work on special projects.  We are also open to collaborative efforts and input from the public.  See Volunteer Opportunities.

    Yes, I want to Help in the Mission of IPRS and the Magnesium Project

    Please go to the Member Profile Page to Complete your Profile or contact us directly.


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