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The Magnesium Project and Environmental Solutions

Volunteer Opportunities

IPRS provides many opportunities for volunteers.  Opportunities range from the low tech to the high tech - from simple searches on the internet to sophisticated software development and product design.  Aids for volunteers doing advanced work have been developed.  One aid is a compilation of web sites involved in bio-informatics, systems biology, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, including doing protein structural comparisons. 

Another aid is for persons with computer science and/or mathematics backgrounds to provide resources useful for solving complex mathematical problems such as those using Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (ODE and PDE), doing modeling studies and developing graphic user interfaces for web-based presentation of research.

On a more elemental level, we can always use people's input on enhancing our web pages to make them more interactive and informative.  Currently, we are looking to incorporate animation into one or more of our web pages to illustrate feedback control processes in cells and systems.   

Volunteers can also be utilized for a variety of fund raising activities including identification of grant sources and developing disease-specific grant proposals (such as for neurological, muscular and metabolic diseases).  Development of sponsors for various web pages is also desired.

Would you like to adopt a disease and become our resident expert?  Templates are available and resources identified to provide regular additions to our databases on a number of important diseases - ones for which cations like Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium play substantial roles.  Listed below are some of the diseases we are tracking.    The rationale, biochemical and clinical basis for these choices will be provided in other web pages that are under development.  For an overview see the Diseases page.


Interested in the Environment?
There are also opportunities to assist in the advocacy for the adoption of certain technologies that will lead to reduction in pollution from transportation, and various commercial/ industrial processes and waste disposal practices. See for example Inventor's Highlight.

Look at the List of Volunteers who have helped us in the past.  We would be glad to add your name to the list.

Would you like to be a volunteer?  Find out about different volunteer programs by sending us an email at expressing your interest. 

Not sure about volunteering?  See the many resources available depending upon whether you want to do biological/nutritional projects or mathematical and computational projects.

IPRS is a registered user of several volunteer opportunities services.  Principal among these is VolunteerMatch whose website can be accessed here: Volunteer Match or copy and paste the following into your browser:

IPRS also qualifies as a charitable non-profit for the purposes of court-stipulated community service projects.

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