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The Magnesium Project

Volunteer Recognition

The following individuals have contributed in a variety of ways to the Magnesium project over the past decade or more.  Contributions have ranged from library searches, to developing databases, to evaluating programs and tools to be used to increase our understanding of the role of magnesium and other electrolytes in living systems and in certain disease processes.  We are grateful for these generous contributions of time and intellectual effort.  Many unnamed individuals also have provided other types of support for this important on-going effort and it is hoped that they will feel acknowledged in other ways.

Volunteer Area of Assistance
Abram, Cayte  General searches/CPU / mySQL databases
Alase, Srilatha Search programs
Berna, Paula Mg control schemes
Bijj, Sanusha Mg-protein interactions
Breit, Lou  Simulation, prediction, modeling
Caputi, Roger  Bioamplifier
Chandrupatla. Hareesh Modeling, enzyme tables
Chelladhurai, Jeeva  IT/databases
Chevalia, Anita S100 proteins et al
Conlon, Tom  Symptoms finder, Linux Install
Dadia,  Reema  Sequence finder
De, Ananya  Muscle pain searchs
Dodge, Elaine Fibromyalgia
Dollette, Hannah Muscle pain searchs
Dymala, Kamila Osmoregulation in fish, et al.
Fernald, Laurie databases admin
Gans, Peter  Ion equilibria. HYSS
Gayathri, Duriseti Web development
Gerges, Mina Mg transporters in plants and animals-genomics
Grindei, Manuela-Lidia Web - advanced programming
Harris, J. Web tools / Java Architect
Jackson, L. Mg and diseases
Kahelin, Jay  Enzyme tables
Kettelhut, K. Databases
Klinglesmith, J. Diseases database
Koch, Kim Literature searches
Laps, Jaclyn Nutrition
Lakhan, Shaheen E.  Global Neuroscience
Lebowitz, Sheldon Modeling
Maginn, Edward Cation interactions
Matsumoto, Yorimi Muscle biophysics
Meagher, Maureen Literature searches
Mekala et al Pain models
Messina, Vinnie Electronics
Moniz, James Software Development
Mullin, Theresa Grant writing
Munoz, Ray Kim of Peru Eclampsia
Najar, Sasan Computer modeling, protein chemistry
Neidner, Hannes  Kinase database
Pal, Gargi Statistical modeling
Pandya, Nandini (Ann) Web development, database
Pedrick, Charles Blood Equilibrium modeling
Pisipaty-Maha Modeling
Ponnuswamy, Arun Math modeling
Prasanna, Srinivasan  Math modeling
Pugh, George Computer science
Ramakrishnan, Sree Priya Java et al.
Revels, Mark Information Technology, networking, Wiki
Sabatini HYSS program
Sacks, Jerry  Sequence finder
Sampath, Jayashree  Muscle pain  
Shestero, Michael  Blood Equilibrium modeling
Simon, Mary  Rhabdomyolosis
Tuch, Larry Website Development
Tucker, Trisha Pre-eclampsia/Eclampsia and Nutrition
Vandana, Arora Modeling
Warsi, Farah  Muscular dystrophy, muscle pain database
Werner, Will Muscle pain searches
Wicker, Rocky  Drug interactions, Eclampsia
Wilkinson, Brad Application programming
Williams, John  Disabilities database
Williams, Roberta Statistics, MUMPS, et al.
Wing Yan (Winnie) Ng General
Winkler Modeling
Wolfe, Sally Information presentation
Woodcock, Clarence  Sequence finder


IPRS is grateful for the support of many volunteers.  There are still many opportunities including the following areas:

Programmers/Computer Science/Database designers, etc.
Biological Sciences/Pharmacology/Medical Researchers
Library science
Grant writers
Financial /statistical analysis

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Would you like to be a volunteer?  Find out about different volunteer programs by visiting our Volunteer Opportunities page or sending us an email at expressing your interest. 

Not sure about volunteering?  See the many resources available depending upon whether you want to do biological/nutritional projects or mathematical and computational projects.

IPRS is a registered user of several volunteer opportunities services.  Principal among these is Volunteer Match whose website can be accessed here: Volunteer Match or copy and paste the following into your browser:

IPRS also qualifies as a charitable non-profit for the purposes of court-stipulated community service projects.

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